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We are handling all over Japan area. From 1M3 upto 40ft container inclusive of piano or automobile handling. Until you find your residence in Japan, we can leep your items at our storage facilities. Please feel free to iquire the destination rate.


After arriving in Japan, shipper/consignee is requested to submit the following documents which are itemA, itemB, and itemC appeared below to our mailing address of :

4-11-12 Wakecho Izumi

You can post the above required documents through a post-office by using 80yen stamp.
You can use English character for writing our mailing address. It must not be always written in Japanese.


On every income flight to Japan, the flight attendants will provide you the custom form upon your request. The people moving to Japan is strictly requested to get this format. Please be careful that flight attendant will not give you the form lest you should request. And the format must be stamped by the custom upon entering Japanese Int'l Airport.

We need this original form duly stamped by custom which describes about the unacompanied personal effects for tax free import. Even if you have new items and not used item, you can import those items without paying tax or duty as long as the estimated price is less than JPY200,000 / person (approx USD1500). And should you have a car or motorbike or piano, you should declare those items at this custom form. Should the consignee missed to get this custom form stamped by custom, consignee are requested to pay 5% consumption tax (like GST) against new items. In Japan side import custom clearence, all the package must go through X-ray inspection machine, and then some of the cartons will be opened. No documentarily custom clearence but 100% inspection will be required in Japan side import.

Pasport Copy
a. A face page (passport number must be appeared)
b. A page with an entry landing stamp by immigration
c. Either Visa for entry to Japan or Eligible letter

EXPAT MOVERS cannot take responsbility for the contents of this page. As customs regulations may vary from time to time.