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1. Foreigners with Work permit
Must have proof of work permit not less then 1 year. Personal items clearly identifiable for personal use such as clothing, shoes, books etc. are duty exempt. Only one unit of used Electronics, Airconditioners, refrigerators etc. qualifies for duty exemption. Item must arrive not more then one month before arrival and not more then six month after arrival.

2. All other Foreiners (other Types of VISA)
Are allowed to import personal effects. Used clothing, shoes, books etc. maybe duty exempt. All other items (used household goods) are subject to duties and taxes.
Thai customs will assess duties and taxes based on cif value at an average of 30-40%.

3. Thai Nationals
Must present proof of living abroad for more than one year. Goods must come from country where he/she lived. Only one unit of electronics and other appliances are duty exempt and only one air- and ocean shipment are allowed.

4. Special Items
Food, Alcohol, Pets, Automobiles, Motorcylecs and weapons require special permits to be obtained prior to shipment from overseas. Please consult with us.


Original Passport must be present to Customs
Clearly legible copy of passport and inventory list in English with itemized values must be submitted prior to arrival for assessment of duties and taxes.

Shipments are subject to customs inspection at additional charges and heavy fines or confiscation will be imposed for false declaration.

Duties and taxes must be paid prior to release of shipments together with any other charges imposed by customs.

EXPAT MOVERS cannot take responsbility for the contents of this page. As customs regulations may vary from time to time.