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Dear Valued Customers,


Our experienced and skillful Packing Crew as well as the High Quality packing materials Expat Movers is using are the guarantee Expat Movers is bringing to our Expatriate Client that his valuables will be packed professionally & handled meticulously until they reach their destination safely.

Because it is essential for us to measure the quality of our services, upon packing completion our Client is asked to complete a Performance Report form to evaluate our service level, which will be analysed and used to improve our standarts.


Expat Movers is an organization focused on establishing a friendly rapport with our Client , whether at the time of the technical survey at his residence, during the packing process , or when our Customer Service Officer communicates over the phone or via email with our Client.

We will honor the agreements made by of sales executive during their meeting with our Client, when approved by our management. We issue precise and professional written proposals, where all inclusions and exclusions are listed clearly. We will promise things only when we can deliver, and will treat our Client with Respect and Courtesy al all times.


Expat Movers’ management, office staff and packing crew are all focused on Clients satisfaction. Therefore we do our very best to communicate well and deliver quality service to our Expatriate Client. When a problem arises we keep an open approach and communicate with our Client immediately , with the true desire to find an appropriate solution. Communication is kept alive from departure until final delivery to the country of destination , until we receive the assurance that our Client’s personal effects are installed into his new home safely and on time.

Yours Sincerely,
Managing Director - Founder