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If you have resided a few years in Asia you have probably acquired a lot of Asian Art & Antique pieces which will require to be packed with extreme care!

Within our Company, our Fine Art Division, Antique Shippers is packing Asian Antiques since 1997 and is the appointed official Art Packers by the most reputable Antique Dealers and Auction Houses.

Antique Shippers past experience includes the packing and delivery of such valuable and delicate pieces as 16th Century Burmese Sandstone Statues, Ming Dynasty Pottery Figurines, Chinese Porcelain Vases, 18th Century Chinese Scripture
Chests, Thai Water Jars, 18th Century Buddhas, Opium Beds, Tibetan Chests, Qing Dynasty Lacquered wedding Cabinets, Indian Doors... plus many other beautiful and invaluable pieces to worldwide destinations